Our Story

FlorianandStellaLakeside Bakery Supplies first opened its doors as Lakeside Poultry Ranch more than sixty years ago. Having just completed a long stint in the U.S. Navy, Florian and his wife, Stella Brzezinski purchased a small chicken ranch with 500 birds on a plot of land in Lakeside, California. After moving onto the property with their three sons and buying chicken feed, they were left with only $5.00 to start their company.

Florian and Stella were strong willed and unafraid of challenges; traits instilled in them from their Polish immigrant parents. Florian and Stella added two more sons to their growing family and ran their steadily prospering ranch without outside help for the first ten years. By the mid 1960’s, their ranch had increased in size to 50,000 chickens.

While growing up in his native Connecticut, Florian was raised on chicken ranches. He taught his sons at an early age the art of raising chickens and the skills required to work the ranch. oldcar As youngsters, they collected eggs, fed and watered the chickens.awardwinningrecipe As they grew older they took on additional chores, driving delivery routes and assisting in the management of the company.

While juggling raising her boys, processing eggs, and handling the accounting, Stella found time for her favorite passion which was baking. She shared this with two of her sons, Mike and Charlie, teaching them her “tricks of the trade.” She enjoyed entering baking contests at the Del Mar County Fair. In 1962, Stella was thrilled to win the fair’s Grand Prize, an electric range, with her Walnut Bonnie Butter Cake.

As the egg industry and their customers needs changed, the company evolved as well. In the mid 1960’s, the chickens “flew the coop”.boysbytruck Lakeside began processing eggs from nearby egg ranches. The company had expanded its inventory to include bakery ingredients; flours, sugars, oils and shortenings, icings and fillings, cake mixes and bases, paper products and a wide variety of baking supplies.

Florian remained an active member at the company he built until his passing in 1986. His sons, Mike and Charlie Sr. now run the company and remain committed to their parent’s standards of superior service and responsiveness to customer needs.


MikeandCharlieIn 2009, to better define the nature of the family owned and operated business, the company changed its name from Lakeside Poultry Ranch to Lakeside Bakery Supplies. Their product line has increased from the eggs they raised back in 1950 to over 4,300 items, which they deliver to their customers throughout Southern California. What hasn’t changed is their time honored family tradition of providing personalized customer service and offering quality products at competitive prices.